Hades Lord Of The Underworld

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Hades Lord Of The Underworld

Post by Lord Hades on Tue Aug 24, 2010 9:38 am

~General Information~

Name: Hades

Nickname/Alias: "The Unseen" "The lord of the underworld"

Weight: 175lbs

Height: 6'4

Age: Billions Of Years

Gender: Male

Appearance: In the regular world:

In the under world:

Clothing: Hades clothing is diverse and he wears what he wants most of the time. But some days you will see him wear a long midnight black robe, that is held up by a gold emblem of death. Whoever Hades kills he usually likes to take there clothing and appearance. So you would have to go to the actual underworld to see him in his black robe.

Personality: Hades will kill first ask questions later. His main weapon his deceiving and trickery. If someone gets past that, then he will kill them with his own style of almost Black Magic. He is a god, and feels like he should be treated like so, if not he is enraged. He prefers those to bow in his presence, mortals mostly. He deceives to prosper, and tricks to lure.

~Character Information~

Immortal Parent's Name: Chronus ~ Rhea

Ability Summary: Hades is the lord of the underworld, and the god of wealth as well. For the underworld being so deep it contains some of the finest ore deposits.

~Other Information~

Classification: God

Current Location: The Underworld

~Skill Information~

Skill Specialty: Deceiver~Telportation~Magic~Invisibility

Special Characteristics: Usually carrying a staff or scythe~

~History/RP Sample~

History/Background Story:
In Greek mythology, Hades (the "unseen"), the god of the underworld, was a son of the Titans, Cronus and Rhea. He had three sisters, Demeter, Hestia, and Hera, as well as two brothers, Zeus, the youngest of the three, and Poseidon, collectively comprising the original six Olympian gods. Upon reaching adulthood, Zeus managed to force his father to disgorge his siblings. After their release the six younger gods, along with allies they managed to gather, challenged the elder gods for power in the Titanomachy, a divine war. Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades received weapons from the three Cyclopes to help in the war: Zeus the thunderbolt, Hades the Helm of Darkness, and Poseidon the trident. The night before the first battle, Hades put on his helmet and, being invisible, slipped over to the Titans' camp and destroyed their weapons. The war lasted for ten years and ended with the victory of the younger gods. Following their victory, according to a single famous passage in the Iliad (xv.187–93), Hades and his two brothers, Poseidon and Zeus, drew lots[6] for realms to rule. Zeus got the sky, Poseidon got the seas, and Hades received the underworld,[7] the unseen realm to which the dead go upon leaving the world as well as any and all things beneath the earth.

Hades obtained his eventual consort and queen, Persephone, through trickery, a story that connected the ancient Eleusinian Mysteries with the Olympian pantheon. Helios told the grieving Demeter that Hades was not unworthy as a consort for Persephone:

"Aidoneus, the Ruler of Many, is no unfitting husband among the deathless gods for your child, being your own brother and born of the same stock: also, for honor, he has that third share which he received when division was made at the first, and is appointed lord of those among whom he dwells."

- Homeric Hymn to Demeter

Despite modern connotations of death as evil, Hades was actually more altruistically inclined in mythology. Hades was often portrayed as passive rather than evil; his role was often maintaining relative balance.

Hades ruled the dead, assisted by others over whom he had complete authority. He strictly forbade his subjects to leave his domain and would become quite enraged when anyone tried to leave, or if someone tried to steal the souls from his realm. His wrath was equally terrible for anyone who tried to cheat death or otherwise crossed him, as Sisyphus and Pirithous found out to their sorrow.

Besides Heracles, the only other living people who ventured to the Underworld were all heroes: Odysseus, Aeneas (accompanied by the Sibyl), Orpheus, Theseus, Pirithous (see note 18), and Psyche. None of them were especially pleased with what they witnessed in the realm of the dead. In particular, the Greek war hero Achilles, whom Odysseus met in Hades (although some believe that Achilles dwells in the Isles of the Blessed), said:

"O shining Odysseus, never try to console me for dying.
I would rather follow the plow as thrall to another
man, one with no land allotted to him and not much to live on,
than be a king over all the perished dead."

—Achilles' soul to Odysseus. Homer, Odyssey 11.488-491

Hades, labelled as "Plouton", "The Rich One", bears a cornucopia on an Attic red-figure amphora, ca 470 BC.

Hades, god of the dead, was a fearsome figure to those still living; in no hurry to meet him, they were reticent to swear oaths in his name, and averted their faces when sacrificing to him. To many, simply to say the word "Hades" was frightening. So, euphemisms were pressed into use. Since precious minerals come from under the earth (i.e., the "underworld" ruled by Hades), he was considered to have control of these as well, and was referred to as Πλούτων (Plouton, related to the word for "wealth"), hence the Roman name Pluto. Sophocles explained referring to Hades as "the rich one" with these words: "the gloomy Hades enriches himself with our sighs and our tears." In addition, he was called Clymenus ("notorious"), Polydegmon ("who receives many"), and perhaps Eubuleus ("good counsel" or "well-intentioned"),[8]all of them euphemisms for a name that was unsafe to pronounce, which evolved into epithets.

Although he was an Olympian, he spent most of the time in his dark realm. Formidable in battle, he proved his ferocity in the famous Titanomachy, the battle of the Olympians versus the Titans, which established the rule of Zeus.

Because of his dark and morbid personality, he was not especially liked by either the gods or the mortals. Feared and loathed, Hades embodied the inexorable finality of death: "Why do we loathe Hades more than any god, if not because he is so adamantine and unyielding?" The rhetorical question is Agamemnon's (Iliad ix). He was not, however, an evil god, for although he was stern, cruel, and unpitying, he was still just. Hades ruled the Underworld and was therefore most often associated with death and feared by men, but he was not Death itself — the actual embodiment of Death was Thanatos.

When the Greeks propitiated Hades, they banged their hands on the ground to be sure he would hear them.[9] Black animals, such as sheep, were sacrificed to him, and the very vehemence of the rejection of human sacrifice expressed in myth suggests an unspoken memory of some distant past.[citation needed] The blood from all chthonic sacrifices including those to propitiate Hades dripped into a pit or cleft in the ground. The person who offered the sacrifice had to avert his face.[10] Every hundred years festivals were held in his honor, called the Secular Games.

His identifying possessions included a famed helmet of darkness, given to him by the Cyclopes, which made anyone who wore it invisible. Hades was known to sometimes loan his helmet of invisibility to both gods and men (such as Perseus). His dark chariot, drawn by four coal-black horses, always made for a fearsome and impressive sight. His other ordinary attributes were the Narcissus and Cypress plants, the Key of Hades and Cerberus, the three-headed dog. He sat on an ebony throne.

Roleplay Sample: I hit a bird with a rock one time.
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Re: Hades Lord Of The Underworld

Post by Lord Hades on Tue Aug 24, 2010 9:34 pm

Name: Helm Of Darkness (Or Cap Of Invisibility)
Element: -
Classification Helmet/Cap
Weight: 2lbs
Length: 8inches
Abilities of item: The Cap of Invisibility enables the user to hide from the eyes of other gods, demigod, all supernatural creatures, and mortals, functioning much like the cloud or mist that the gods surround themselves in to become undetectable.
Description of item Appearance:
~The Helmet~

The helmet starts off at a decent size and once put on it will form around the users head. It looks as if this helmet was made of bone, but was in fact crafted by pure steel, and stronger ores. Thus making it stronger than steel. Although made of steel, and other ores, the helmet was crafted in a certain slim shape making it lighter than its actual appearance.

Once invisibility the user may stay invisible for 10 global posts.

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Re: Hades Lord Of The Underworld

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Re: Hades Lord Of The Underworld

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