Rin Lee, Daughter of Hades

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Rin Lee, Daughter of Hades

Post by Rin on Fri Aug 27, 2010 9:20 pm

~General Information~

Name: Rin Lee

Nickname/Alias: N/A... she's more subtle

Weight: 105lbs

Height: 5'0

Age: 16

Gender: Female


(Basically like Lil off of Ergo Proxy)
Rin is short, standing at a 5'0, and small in stature. Her limbs are long-ish, allowing her to move gracefully and with swift ease. Her hair silky, raven black hair reaches down to her waist, fashioned like the pictures above. Rin has very pale skin, though not too pale, and turquoise eyes... a trait from her mother. She usually wears graphic tank tops or tee's with anime or bands on them, and punk-styled clothing. She is also constantly doodling on her jeans, usually ripped.

Clothing: For her clothing Rin usually wears a more punk styled clothing, but with bright colours. Because of this, she fits into the 'scene' category - she wears bright clothing that people would probably label as an emo. Her favorite band is Disturbed, so she usually wears a Disturbed graphic tank top, Escape the Fate sweater, and light jeans with stylish rips in them. Rarely she is seen with armor - she uses shadows as her armor, even the shadows from her clothing.


(I'm taking this personality from another character that I made, but I don't feel like changing the names because her name is mentioned in there 987529858325 times. Plus, I don't have the time. So please pretend any "Yuta" references are actually for Rin.


Basic Personality:
  • Yuta is pretty much a tomboy - she doesn't care for dressing up, and would rather wear something simple like a sweater and jeans. Rarely she is spot with makeup, unless if she's trying to impress a special someone. One thing she doesn't like is a person who hates someone else out of jealousy, and girly girls - honestly, she doesn't see the point in getting peppy over makeup and boys. Because of this, she will not show off her body to get fame or attention - the only cases she'll wear something that shows off her body is to impress a crush.

  • Her personality is similar to Ritsu Namine(See UTAU wiki) - except, Yuta hates to bully others. Yuta knows when enough is enough, and hates seeing others in pain. But, that doesn't stop her from pulling occasional pranks. Her favorite prank to do is a wet willie. Additionally to that, she loves to spar with friends or comrades.

  • She acts pretty tough(Kinda like Anko's personality), and doesn't let anybody ruin her mood - "if they don't like it, screw them. I'll be who I want to be." Is pretty much what she goes by. Additionally to this, she doesn't show when she is upset, instead keeps it inside and vents her emotions when she is alone. She hates to make others worried about her, and will continue to smile even if it is fake just for the sake of making others happy.

  • Resulting from this, when she's sad and feels lonely, she takes it harder than others would. If she were practically heartbroken from a partner cheating on her, she would pretend she didn't mind and continue to act happy despite being hurt very badly. If somebody does hurt her like that, she'll let them go and try to move on, even remaining friends with them if they'll want that. Only once has this happened, and after that Yuta has seemed to show love to others not as much - one, she doesn't want to get hurt. And two, she has never felt love again for other people, just lust and happiness.

  • She's a nerd, except keeps that side to herself and to close friends. Yuta absolutely loves to roleplay on online forums, and loves to watch anime and read manga - at her room at the Half-blood Castle, she has a ton of manga volumes. Her favorite manga are Naruto, Elfen Lied, Higurashi no Naku, DGM, and Highschool of the Dead. Another thing she is great at is digital editing - she loves to create pictures and make videos, and loves singing even more.
    Her favorite music genre is usually heavy metal, heavy rock, or screamo. Rarely she listens to rap or light music, but occasionally she does if it's really good. Another type of music she likes to listen to is Vocaloid or Japanese.

[list][*]Despite being the daughter of the king of the dead, Rin has a general phobia of anything that's dead and is walking. She hates to look at corpses, but seeing a corpse walking will make her more clumsy with fear - because of this, she is constantly watching zombie videos or playing zombie video games, trying to get over her fear. Unfortunately, it's just making it worse.
Another fear she has is lightning and thunder, and not because of Zeus. She was afraid of it even before she figured out who she was. But, she loves to be outside on a windy day - she loves heights... so she's not afraid of the sky.

Romantic Personality -
  • If Yuta likes someone, she'll act like an even closer friend to them, and pull more pranks on that person than usual. The downside to her is that if she feels nervous, she'll stutter and blush.Unfortunately, when she really really likes someone she acts even more tough, to the point that she'll come across as frightening - if she knows that the other person thinks this of her, she'll act the same but tone it down a bit, and show no sign that she's hurt in any way.

  • When she makes a friend, she'll stand by that friend until the end. She hates ditching others because she got ditched so many times, and if she does she'll make it up to that person eventually to no fail. Once she has her mind set, she rarely stops - Yuta doesn't believe in giving up, and would rather keep trying again and again until she can't, and then come back later to try again. She's the type of person you'd ask for advice - she'll view the situation from both perspectives, and give what advice she can. She won't lie to a person to make them happy when giving advice, and will tell the truth.

  • Another down side to her is that she's constantly doing over-the-top stunts for getting attention, and will even go far as to hurting herself in the process. She is constantly being a daredevil, and showing no fear of her actions or the consequences. More than once she views this as "Going in circles again and again" or "rolling" because she keeps repeating her actions, and keeps repeating when she tries to tell her crush her feelings but chickens out. She looks at things in a much larger picture, and tries to get that far - but, she normally gets something much lesser out of it. When this happens she will brush it off as nothing, but silently kicking herself for failing again.

  • Rin tries to when she fight end the battle quickly with assassination attacks; she doesn't enjoy torture unless she is pissed off. Her battle strengths lie in martial arts and using any abilities she may have from her immortal parent. Rin has a very large knowledge of vital points, pressure points, etc and with her extremely fast movement she can use those against her opponent to simply knock them out before the battle begins. But, she isn't entirely big about fighting anyway - she'll try to get out of it if she can, so she doesn't have to hurt others. when she does fight though, she gives it her all and will not give up.

~Character Information~

Immortal Parent's Name: Hades

Ability Summary:

Shadow Manipulation:
This ability works like manipulating say... sand (Think Gaara's sand. If you don't watch Naruto, then look up a video of it, foo.), though not as strong - it allows Rin to solidify shadow to her will, so she may use it as weapons or simply to trip someone. It also allows her to manipulate the shadow to her will, after it's been solidified - so she can alter its shape to needles, a scythe, etc for weapons, or simply a ball to play with when bored. This also can act as a shield - keep in mind, air can get through the shadow always - so if she's fighting someone with wind manipulation, her shadows are useless including any barrier she creates with shadow. This is also a good thing, if she wanted to incase her body in shadow to provide as an armor. (If you want a drawback, look at the Geo thingie)
Also, when Rin solidifies the shadow, it also has a touch too. The feeling is like silky, freezing cold water running gently across your skin.

Shadow - Gate:
This is similar to Shadow Manipulation, though it's purpose is simple: it gives Rin a door into the underworld, constructed purely from shadow. Only three people may enter the door, and quickly... at times it will close at random, often decapitating or dismembering someone who was too slow. The gate leads to anywhere Rin wants in the underworld, though sometimes it may mess up... it could go in the area that she wants to go to, but 50 some feet in the air.

Like it's name, it's the art of manipulating rock. Exciting.
That's pretty much as good as it gets. But, she can't manipulate too much at once - the longer she uses it (if she uses this ability for 10 posts long, she'll be exhausted by the eighth post) the more she is exhausted. This also goes for any shadow manipulation.
Geo-whatever: sense:
Anyway, Rin's version is a more complex version of manipulating rock, except it's simply sensing. It allows her to sense that she's in an area of rock or metals, such as gold, silver, diamond, etc. She can sense a large amount at once, but can't focus on more than one at a time. By large amount, she can know she's in the presence of up to 50 different types, but it's merely knowing she's near them - it takes concentration to learn exactly what type of metal it is.

~Other Information~

Classification: Demigod

Current Location: Castle Half-blood... or something. Bleh.

~Skill Information~

Skill Specialty:
Martial Arts - in close combat Rin is pretty good at martial arts, though more than often she combines it with shadow, using her body as a weapon as well as using the shadows on her body to change into weapons before contacting her attack.
Manipulation -
Because Rin's will is so strong, she finds manipulation easy to her... manipulating people, as well as rocks and shadow. Like said in her personality, once she has her mind set, she never gives up.

Special Characteristics:
A characteristic Rin is known for is her necklace - it's a necklace with a tiny silver book on the end, that's not much... but, it's special to Rin, for the fact that she loves books and reading so much. For fighting, Rin is known for using a scythe made of shadow.

~History/RP Sample~

History/Background Story:

Rin grew up as an only child, not knowing of who she was. But others appeared to sense something different in her - because of this, children tended to stay away from her and avoid her. Basically she was lonely - her mother traveled a lot for tours for her band, and Rin didn't know who her father was. When her mother was out, she usually got babysat by her mothers' grandma. Exciting. Anyway, because of this, when Rin made a friend, she never ditched them and treated them fairly.
At age five, Rin learned how to use her powers for the first time.
It happened while she was at her school, during recess. She was playing with a small ball of shadow, as if it were the most normal thing to happen. Rin at the time didn't even know what it was - she just thought it was a magic trick. She continued to show this 'magic trick' to others at the school, proud of herself, until one of the more smart a---er, arrogant children told her that it was fake. Rin, being five and all, got upset at this. She tried showing the other student what it was, but wound up hurting the student in the process, from her anger affecting the ball of shadow.
After this, Rin got shunned even more, the other students calling her from 'weird' to 'monster'... still, Rin didn't give up. At age 10, she found a love for anime and Japanese music. From this, she soon started going on roleplay forums, and video games - your average nerd with no friends.
At 11, she made a friend, who shared the majority of interests Rin had. Because of what happened when Rin was five, she held back from telling her new friend about her ability until the age 13, when she first found out about her Geo-thingie. Rock manipulation. Unfortunately, her friend was right there with her at the time. Rin had by mistake hurt her friend in the process, though her friend didn't seem to mind, and accepted Rin for who she was.
Still, Rin had no idea of who she was.
She remained this way, until when she turned fourteen, and created her first stable gate into the underworld. Rin is still traumatized from this experience - when she entered, she was almost killed by one of the skeletal guards,(Ok, if there aren't skeletons guarding Hades' Castle in the underworld, sorry XD Basically all my knowledge of greek mythology is from the Percy Jackson series)until her father, Hades interfered. This is why Rin is afraid of zombies, or anything that moves when it should be dead.
Anyway~ after Hades told her about who she was, Rin didn't accept it for a long time. Despite that, she remained in the underworld for a long period of time, harnessing her abilities. During this time, she also figured out she had a half-brother - Riku.
When she left, she was left with two options: return to her mortal life, or live at Half Blood Castle. Originally she picked living a regular life, until she found out her friend had moved away. Because of this Rin didn't want to live alone anymore... she moved to Half Blood Castle, bringing us to right now, when she's 16 years old.

Roleplay Sample:

(Keep in mind I can roleplay in third person and first person, so I will roleplay in third person in threads, but my sample will be in first person. Also, this is based on the Percy Jackson series XD)

As in, hitting your head against your desk that you're working on... and not lightly, either. Which is, in fact, what I'm doing right now. English class is never my favorite... why? Well, nothing really... just the fact that it's torture on the dyslexic.
By the way, in case you're wondering, Yancy Academy has comfortable desks.
When I first came to the academy, my English teacher immediately hated my guts. For whatever reason, I don't know... nor care... but she mostly makes me read aloud in the classroom, and answer impossible questions that only people who bother to study would know.
In which case, is not me.
"Rin, would you read page 34 paragraph 2?" Ms. Lyn asked in a fake cheery tone, her black eyes boring into the front of my head.
I rose my head steadily, ignoring the giggles from the other students and stares. Sometimes I can read what the words say... other times, I just can't. In those cases I ignore Ms. Lynn and pretend I didn't hear her, or make up some excuse to get out of it. This isn't one of those cases... see, sometimes it's just better to not act deaf if you want to avoid any form of punishment.
I picked up the book in front of me, leaning back in my chair as I flipped to page 34, my dark brown eyes stopping to set on what I think was the second paragraph. Oh god, it's another literary torture device...
Well, I wouldn't know if it was the second paragraph or not. I mean, you wouldn't either if the handwritten words were doing 360s and loops. Who seriously puts handwriting in a non-fiction book anyway?
My silky raven black hair fell over my eyes, hiding the look of confusion that crossed my pale face. Though apparently that didn't stop Ms. Lynn from seeing it, because she looked pretty amused.
So this is the part where I come up with some genius alibi to get myself out of reading the paragraph, or point at the window and say; "Look! An old lady is beating a defenseless boy with her purse!" and run for it. In this case, I'll choose number 1.
I dropped the book, my hands wrapping around my waist as I lurched forward in my desk, a look of believable pain crossing my face. "Ughh..." I groaned, the sound of the book hitting the floor with a thud shortly following afterwards.
"Miss Rin?" The teach asked, walking slowly towards my desk.
I forced a rather believable look of pain, my eyebrows knitting together in pain. "Cramps... m-may I be excused?" Oh H E double toothpicks yes, even the stutter sounded believable.
She examined my face for any hint that I'm bluffing, eventually nodding towards the door.
That was all I needed.
I speed-walked towards the door with such speed to make even the Road-Runner proud, shutting the door behind me. She didn't bother to offer to tell me where the nurses office was, if I needed any ibuprophen, or if I could take the day off.
It was the nicest thing she did all week.
"So class, is anyone else going to volunteer to read..." The voice of my teacher trailed off as I walked down the hall, a smile spreading across my face. Well, I've never been the one to keep a straight face.
Turning the corner I pushed open the door out of the school, and I could almost smell freedom.
And boy, it never smelt better before.
I fidgeted with my iPod as I walked towards my house, looking through the songs on it.
The thing about having ADHD; you can't sit still. Originally, I tried to get a nap under a tree - that didn't last more than 10 minutes. Next I tried to draw on some paper I had in my pocket - one full paper of doodles later, and I was on my way towards my house.
My mother and aunt probably won't be too happy about me skipping school. Well, especially my mother. My aunt just doesn't care. See, at my house it's an all-girls world - think: living without the toilet seat ever being up, no fighting over who gets the washroom first in the morning... ah, it's paradise.
But it does get lonely sometimes. My aunt from my dads' side is a cleanliness and class nazzi, and my mom is a neon-goth with one heck of a backbone... both aren't that great to have a heart-to-heart conversation. I don't know who my father is, and I don't have any siblings.
Other than that, I should warn you about my mom: she's a neon-goth who's insanely peppy about standing up for what you believe in. By me saying neon-goth you might think that she's weird, depending on your view of (awesome) people who dress like that, but she isn't. When I say neon-goth, I say that she looks like a rainbow threw up on her - and that's not even her personality. She's the nicest, most level-headed, sarcastic person you'd ever meet. And what's better? She's a vocalist, so of course she'd pay attention to newest songs - as in, your iPod never goes song-less. You had to have it all, Well have you had enough? You greedy little bastard, You will get what you deserve.
Had Enough by Breaking Benjamin blared in my ears, loud enough to block out the noise of New York traffic around me. When all is said and done, I will be the one... the one to lead you in your misery, and hate what you have become.
I sung along with the lyrics, my electric blue eyes closing in the process. Yeah, yeah... I know what you're thinking; isn't that kinda unsafe to be walking along the sidewalk with your eyes closed? Well, if you're uncoordinated, sure. For me, not so much. I never seem to trip in the dark or when I have my eyes closed... weird, yes.
Thump. I felt somebody crash into me from behind, my eyes snapping open and my hand turning down the volume on my song. "The heck?" I regained my balance, seeing a guy - about 20 years old - faceplanted into the pavement, his hat miraculously staying on during the fall.
"You okay?" I asked, holding my hand out to him. I mean, I don't even know him... for all I know he could be a pedophile, but I have a nice and helpful side from my mother.
I heard him mumble something similar to 'enchiladas' and deep down, I knew he was okay.
"Fine, fine." He stood up, readjusting his hat over his head. That was when I noticed his crutches on the ground. He got to them before me, using them to sustain most of his weight. "Thanks!"
"No prob." I began to walk away, brushing a strand of silky raven black hair behind my ear, out of my face. Well, he's fine - no sense in hanging around.
"You look familiar. Do I know you from somewhere?" He asked, walking over to me as well as he could with his crutches.
The ADHD part of my mind noticed he left his shoe on the ground back there... which made me look at his foot. There was a slight blur around his foot that made me think of one of those fake feet people put on, but I looked harder... and saw a hoof.
"Cool." Was all I could muster up. Okay, so he has a donkey hoof. I'm just talking to your average person who probably got plastic surgery on his feet with a slight obsession over donkeys, not a big deal. Preparing to run away yelling something similar to "No I will not take off my pants!" to get attention from passing civillians, he groaned as if he messed up - badly.
"That wasn't supposed to happen..."
"Oh no big deal - I mean, I talk to people with hooves daily!" Now to back away slowly...
"Really?" That seemed to content him - a little.
"No not really! You have a donkey hoof!"
He appeared offened, bleating. "Goat!"
"Same thing." Okay, so I'm about 4 paces away from goat-boy... progress in the making.
"Grover Underwood." Grover dug into his jacket pocket, pulling out a small card. It was probably a phone-number.
"Rin Krys." I have no idea why I told him my name... blame it on the impulsiveness that comes with ADHD."So should I be afrad of what that is?"
The serious look on his face made me bite my tongue, taking the card.
[font size=16]
Grover Underwood
Half-blood Hill
Long Island, New York
It took a little bit to get my dyslexia under control and read it... I mean, handwriting was made for dyslexic torture. After I finished reading, I looked at Grover with an award-winning 'Huh??' face.
"It says..."
"I know what it says. But I've never heard of Half-blood hill." I felt bad for cutting him off, but when I'm curious, I get straight to the point.
"I don't look like it, but I'm your protector." He took the hint of my eagerness, getting straight to the point. I like him already.
My electric blue eyes eyed his crutches, narrowed in disbelief. "Protector?"
"I might not look like it, but I am." He shifted his crutches, not bothering to pretend to put his weight on it anymore. "You don't remember me from Yancy Academy?"
An imaginary lightbulb flashed over my head - I thought he looked familiar! "You're that guy who the teachers pulled a Code White for!!!" (Code white is an intruder in the school)
"Baa! That was a mistake!" Grover huffed... well apparently he didn't appreciate the teachers thinking he was an intruder.
I smiled a little bit, the expression making my albino-pale face lighten up. "So what are you protecting me from, exactly?"
"Monsters! Haven't you noticed how trouble seems to follow you, and sometimes people attack you for no reason?"
I quirked an eyebrow. The causing trouble part was old news, but the people attacking me wasn't. "Old ladies don't beat me with their purses...?" This guy is weird. I half expected him to say, "They're everywhere!" and do something weird, but instead he said, flinching as if from a bad experience:
"No, people who immediately hate you and try to fight you. Any person. Or weird animals attacking you."
Last time I checked, most animals were afraid of me. The ones that weren't tried to lick me to death... those ones tended to be the dobermans and rotweillers. Glancing at a nonexistant watch, I exclaimed; "Look at the time! I have to go!" And turned and bolted.
I'm not the most subtle person about things, but I don't mind.
And what do I say for the finishing touch?
"No I will not take off my pants!!"
Now when I say things, I don't have double meanings. So when I say my aunt is a tormentor from hell, I mean it just that - she's a tormentor from hell.
Where do I begin?
Let's see - I could start with this; I didn't lose Grover easily when I ran from him. You'd honestly expect a guy with hooves to be slow at running, but if you think that, then boy you're wrong. I've never ran faster in my life... even from Ms. Lynn. Trust me, been there, done that... it isn't something I want to repeat again.
My iPod started to play Never Wanted To Dance - MSI as I wove my way through the crowds, almost knocking over a senior in the process. Hey - he didn't move his walker out of the way quick enough.
"Wait!!" Grover called... and I stopped, turned, and bolted down an alley. Not the smartest thing to do when you're being chased by someone who looks 20 years old and was talking about monsters, but I thought I could lose him.
I was wrong.
Unfortunately, in the center of the alley some rocket scientist decided to move the trashbin and place it dead in the middle of the alley. This wouldn't be a problem for me and all, but at the speed I was going - I couldn't dodge around the bin, and if I stopped, I'd give Grover more time to catch up. When I'm pressed to think, I can think pretty quickly and intelligently - but making long-term plans never came easily to me. At all. My mind thought of two ways to get around this problem, but one problem with both: they stopped after the garbage can.
I leaped at the meshwire fence, using that to hold on to I planted my feet on the edge of the garbage can and presto - problem solved.
Shortly behind me I heard a bleat shortly followed by a crash, my converse stepping into something gooey and well.. disgusting. I tried to step away, but my foot wouldn't budge. "What the..." Okay, easy way to solve this; shake your leg like ninety, and you'll be okay.
Unfortunately, the super-glue-crossed-with-ductape wouldn't come off my shoe, despite my efforts. "Converse stealer!!" I shouted at whatever it was, though what struck me weird was: I didn't speak english. I spoke some language that sounded vaguely familiar, that I would later learn was greek.
Another bleat came from the garbage can, Grover skidding to a stop to see me fending off whatever had a hold of my shoe. It wouldn't let go, nor show itself.
The ADHD part of my mind was immediately attracted to the banana peel hanging off of his right horn, my mind still stuck on the horn part.
"Dude!! You have horns!!"
He seemed to notice that his hat fell off, and facepalmed, bleating again.
"Halp!!!" I squeaked out when I tripped, landing uncomfortably on a McDonalds bag. Well, I just landed on a McDonalds bag, and my shoe is being taken hostage. Lovely.
I don't have a problem with McDonalds or anything, but if you take a fry, look at it one month later, there isn't any mold on it... I have a problem with food that not even mold likes.
Grover sprung into action, taking out reed-pipes he began to play a song that sounded painful to my ears, and apparently towards whatever had my converse.
I heard a high-pitched chirping noise, like a bird crossed with a bat gone wrong, and was aware that I could move my foot. A small green clay-shape thing jumped at Grover, sailing through the air with such speed and height that I wondered if my clay when I was a little kid could do that.
The weird thing was that as soon as it attached to Grover's shirt, it began to grow. Little stone-black eyes appeared on its head like off of a cartoon, soon followed by facial features - no nose, and a small line which I assumed was its mouth.
Well, it reminded me of a monster from Final Fantasy.
When it was up to my waist, it stopped, and head-butted Grover in the chest. That didn't look bad and all, but Grover fell straight to the ground as if the thing weighed a ton.
"What the..." And then it turned on me. I gulped, my electric blue eyes wide in fear and disbelief. What the hell is this thing?
Then I heard a sickening screeching noise that sounded suspiciously like my aunt Dodd when she dyed her hair neon green by mistake.
Looking up I saw a shrivelled up, bat-like form of her. In her hands where she usually holds something to fidget with, was a flaming whip - that would be cool and all, if it were anybody but her.
Grover rose again, looking up his eyes changed to slits - something I'm assuming to come with being part goat- and ran towards me. "It's a Kindly One! Let's go!"
"That's my aunt you're calling that!" I don't care much for my aunt, but I stick up for family - even when I don't even know what a Kindly One is.
My aunt flew towards the green thing, shrivvelled wings flapping like they never flapped before, her whip cracking in the air. By that, I decided it was time to run - but I didn't feel like it. I wanted to observe this. Part of me opened up to it, while the other... well, it was still trying to make sense of what's going on.
My iPod changed to Kill The Rock - MSI, my electric blue eyes observing as my aunt's whip slammed against the green blob, the green blob disinigrating in green flame and leaving behind the scent of rotten MicckyD's.
Well, there's a resturant on my 'to not go' list.
Almost as quickly as she came, my aunt transformed into her usual self - the old woman who looks like she'd give you an F first thing if she ever became a teacher.
"Uh..." Aware that my mouth was hanging wide open, I closed it, still staring at my aunt. "I swear I wasn't skipping school."
Stupid thing to say, but that was all I could come up with.
Her attention changed to Grover, who was peeling the banana off of his horn. "Well, isn't this a pleasant reunion."
For Grover, it looked far from pleasant.
"Um... Aunt Dodds, what was that?"
She ignored my question, inspecting her dirt-covered nails. "My orders were to protect you until one of those halfbloods or satyrs came for you. Since that's done, Grover here," he flinched when she said his name, "will lead you to camp half blood."
I nodded, still in shock. I picked a fry off of my My Chemical Romance sweater. "Uh-huh."
She glared at me with black eyes - the same black eyes of Ms. Lynn - and disappeared in an evanescent of smoke.
Grover was nomming on a can nervously, already halfway through.
That was, in fact, the last time my life had any shred of normality in it.
(My fingers hurt from typing D:)

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Re: Rin Lee, Daughter of Hades

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