Weapon, foo >D

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Weapon, foo >D

Post by Rin on Sat Aug 28, 2010 2:01 am

Name: Karasu (Raven in Japanese)
Element: Shadow, if that's an element...?
Classification Gun. Bow down in fear at the modern-ness, foo.
Weight: About two pounds.
Length: From her wrist to her elbow. I really suck at length, so think of a small persons' wrist to their elbow xD I'm going off of my arm because I don't know the actual length of the gun. I think it's three feet long.
Abilities of item: The item itself doesn't have any special ability - it's a regular human gun. But, it's what Rin uses it for that counts as an ability. *See the description.*
Description of item Appearance: Because I suck at descriptions for guns, I'll post a picture:

Ok, so this is like your regular gun - it can fire, except, Rin doesn't use any ammo in it much at all. What she uses in it simply shadow: she solidifies the shadow inside, changes it's shape to the shape of a bullet, and presto. But, it takes more energy than usual energy to fire it - because of the fact that she has to put in more energy to make it move fast enough to have the same impact as a real bullet being fired. She does press the trigger occasionally, but that's just for show. The gun is for providing Rin with a better aim for hitting someone, otherwise she could just manipulate shadow to form bullets, and then shoot them towards her target.
But shadow does take time to reform - a small amount, but time nonetheless. It takes her three seconds until she can fire again, regardless if the last hit made contact or not.
This gun can use regular bullets, and Rin keeps some on her - but only if she is exhausted or can't use shadow for some reason.



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Re: Weapon, foo >D

Post by Chaos. on Sat Aug 28, 2010 2:04 am

Looks alright. MyApproval.

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