new abilities *Shadow*

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new abilities *Shadow*

Post by Rin on Sat Aug 28, 2010 2:23 am

Shadow Scorpion: Like it's name, this allows Rin to construct a scorpion out of shadow. Though, it works more as a summon than something she can manipulate. She manipulates it through her mind, willing it to move accordingly to how she wants it to move. The scorpion's eyes are like her eyes - see the next ability for how this works. This scorpion varies from regular scorpion size, to zomg-I'm-going-to-get-eaten size. That size is... well, like the scorpions in Clash of The Titans.
So far, this is the most powerful she has.

Shadow Raven:
Like the last one, and even the size varies! [insert cheer here... or not?] ANYWAY~ this is a 'summon' that Rin doesn't use in battle at all... instead, she uses it for either transportation, or getting a message to someone quickly. Like the last one, the ravens' eyes are Rin's eyes. Like it's name, it's in the shape of a raven, and can fly. Unfortunately, the longer the distance she makes it go, the more energy is taken up. She cannot send this to the underworld or olympus unless if she is there... it'll distort, use all of Rin's energy, and return to what it used to be or the nearest shadow.
Rin cannot keep up two of these at the same time... it's too much energy - she'll become exhausted within four posts, and by the sixth post she'll be close to fainting.

Shadow Eye: Another shadow ability... exciting. Anyway, this allows Rin to create a 'shadow eye'... like Gaara's 'sand eye' off of Naruto. Again, if you don't know what that even is, YouTube and Google are amazing references... anyway, this allows Rin to see things through it. When she uses shadow like a summon, she'll make the summon a much larger and have it purely constructed of this ability. The drawback is that she has to have one eye closed, in order to see from the perspective of the shadow eye.
Usually she forms it in the shape of an eyeball, which she can manipulate to move around as she pleases. If she creates two of these, she'll have to close her own eyes in order to see from the other eye.



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Re: new abilities *Shadow*

Post by Miya on Sat Aug 28, 2010 6:59 am

Looks good to me.


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