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This world, is like your modern world, Earth, as it is now - humans, cars, people with strange urges to murder others with spoons, and all that stuff that makes you feel warm and fuzzy on the inside.
Or, is it?
For thousands of years, there has been an alternate dimension - a different world, if you would call it. This world was inhabited by more cruel creatures, who viewed brotherhood merely as a stepping stone to greater power - these were called the Shurin.
The humans have never suspected the existence of the Shurin - in olden times they were referred to as demons, or simply ghosts... occasionally, the darker gods of mythology. Though, today they have been reduced to simply legends of the past - misinterpreted folktale that got out of hand.
This was far from the truth.
As in all epic stories, there is always the 'good side'... in this case, the Shurin were the bad side. The evil take-over-the-world and enslave-all-humanity type. Opposing the shurin, were people with... super powers, if you'd put it that way. These people were just like out of the comic 'Xmen'... they had abnormal powers, from walking through walls to manipulating the elements. Though, each of these people seemed to only have one power, and lesser abilities branching off of that one ultimate power, increasing it's overall strength.
These people had no exact names for them - until now.
Only a few decades ago, a school has been established for these people with abilities. This place, was called 'Darks University'... like its name, it was a school. This was no ordinary, boring and dreary school. The people with powers came here to learn how to harness them, and to learn how to live amongst humans - or, join the schools' staff. These people were called 'students'... with no epic name, though they were known among the Shurin purely for the name of the school. Darks University.
Like in all stories, the good and the bad side fight. This time, the good and the bad still fight - a few students and rare cases of Shurin refrain from fighting, but overall it is a full-out bloodshed war between the two sides.

So, what side will you choose... or will you simply attempt to put a stop to the shurin attempting to enslave humanity, or simply fuel the fire to the war? In this world, nothing is as it seems.



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