Thanatos - The Angel of Death

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Thanatos - The Angel of Death

Post by Death on Tue Aug 31, 2010 10:07 pm

~General Information~

Name: Thanatos

Nickname/Alias: Death

Weight: 110 lbs.

Height: 5’6’’

Age: Real Age: Unknown
Apparent Age: 15

Gender: Male

Appearance: Human Form:

True Form:

Clothing: Everything that Thanatos wears represents something. On his torso Thanatos wears a white no-sleeved shirt. Down the middle there is a thin black stripe. The shoulders of this shirt point up slightly. The white on his shirt symbolizes the greek gods, and the black stripe symbolizes Thanatos as Death. On his waist and legs Thanatos wears black pants, which symbolize the darkness and despair he constantly walks through. Thanatos wears no shoes, representing the fact that he has no home. On his wrists, Thanatos wears black handcuffs with a long chain, however the chain is broken in half. This represents the binds that Thanatos had to break to escape from his prison.

Personality: Thanatos is often dipicited as the most mysterious member of Gods. He is quiet, emotionless, studious and sarcastic, always having a witty remark, specifically in reply to most of his fellow god’s antics and attempts at humor. His appearance and attitude is that of a typical goth or emo male. However, as much as he may seem distant and anti-social, he's a dark person - but a god most people can relate to. He's a recluse and sort of to himself.

Thanatos is often portrayed as the most mature member of the gods, often giving sage advice to the others. He is, however, also the most emotionally-restrained of the Gods, appearing secretive and distant; he does not allow anyone into his realm and spends most of his time by himself, usually reading one of his numerous books. The reason for his emotional restraint is due to the adverse effects his emotions have on his powers. If his emotions become out of control, his powers can become erratic and spontaneous, becoming active without his will. It is difficult for Thanatos to build trust for anyone, and even more difficult to truly forgive if that trust should be broken, even not hesitating to kill (or at least attempt to do so to the very best of his ability) the one who had betrayed his trust.

Thanatos’s own persona is deeply complicated: for example, his fear of the fact that he truly is evil within led him to abandon his life, his home, his friends, and be locked up by the other gods for a short amount of time.

Thanatos’s theme song is “Angel of Darkness” by Alex C. feat. Yasmin K

~Character Information~

Immortal Parent's Name: Nyx and Erebos

Ability Summary:

Reaping: Thanatos’s main power is the ability to “reap” souls and people from this world using his scythe. His scythe is usually solid, able to kill people, however Thanatos is able to edit it into a spiritual weapon, capable of severing people’s souls from them. This condemns them to a live of no personality or free will. No names, emotions, past, or future.

Shadows: Thanatos’s second ability is the manipulation of shadows. Thanatos is able to move them, solidify them, and create clones from them. He can also use them to coat his body and solidify, creating an armor of pure shadow and darkness. This practice also gave Thanatos the ability to see in complete darkness.

Teleportation: Thanatos is able to teleport from gravestone to gravestone. Basically, he walks into them and out of another. This is why Thanatos’s realm is located in graveyards.

Flight: Using his wings, Thanatos is capable of flight.

~Other Information~

Classification: Minor God

Current Location: Manhatten

~Skill Information~

Skill Specialty: Thanatos’s skills range from martial arts, to bladed weapons, to music. Thanatos uses his scythe as his primary weapon, however he is skilled at many death and sleep spells. Thanatos can also use shadow spells. Thanatos is also skilled at many musical instruments, and often enjoys playing dark songs in graveyards, as well as Three Days Grace and Breaking Benjamin (His two favorite modern bands).

Special Characteristics: Thanatos has black eyes, which often drive people insane when they look at them for long periods of time, as the eyes seem to be made of pure nothingness. In his true form, it is said that no one can look at him without either dying from fear or going insane, unless there are an immortal. Some demi-gods have also been shown to be able to block this ability.

~History/RP Sample~

History/Background Story:

The Creation of a Nightmare: Thanatos was conceived by Nyx and Erebos as one of the first gods. His birth was different then that of other gods, and was supposeably created from pure darkness at the time of his birth. He was born in a graveyard in Ancient Greece. At the time, his parents did not think that Thanatos would be one of the worst threats in the world.

Eternal Condemnation: Thanatos was raised as a Major God, known as the god of death. However, once Hades was recognized as the true lord of the dead, Thanatos was “demoted” to a Minor God, and known simply as Death. This enraged Thanatos, and he attacked mount Olympus. At the time, Thanatos’s powers were unmatched, and he quickly destroyed most of it. However, the Olympians were able to trap Thanatos in a cage.

Thanatos then realized what he had done, and began delving into insanity. The Olympians told him that they would lock him in a prison until he realized the wrongings he had done. Thanatos agreed, for fear that he was truly evil, and allowed them to lock him in the dungeon, chained to the wall, forever in starvation and dehydration without dying. This greatly deteriorated his powers.

Release yet Trapped: Centuries later, Thanatos was released from the dungeon and bound to a graveyard. He was known as Death, and had the job of killing people to be delivered to Hades. Thanatos agreed, and would use his scythe to kill people, sending their souls to Hades.

However, Thanatos was eventually able to break his bonds. He was also able to reap not only lives, but souls as well. This angered the gods, however they agreed to not do anything about it. This released Thanatos from his bonds, however he was still condemned to forever take the lives of people.

Roleplay Sample: Akira walked into the training area. In his hand was a ball of ice which he threw up in down in his hand like a baseball. As he reached the training area he threw the ball at a target, and it hit the target right in the center. The 12 year-old Hyouton looked around at the training area. Interesting... It's simple, yet effective. He thought, looking at the wooden dummies, targets, and deadly obsticle courses. A few panthers roamed around the training grounds, as well as a couple gorillas.

Suddenly, a large black panther started running towards Akira, acting like it was going to attack. Akira simply raised an eyebrow at it, staying perfectly calm. It wants to fight? He thought, shoving his hands into his pockets. The panther ran closer and closer, then instantly Akria raised his hands into the Hyouton Secret Clan Hand Sign. Ice Release: Sharp Ice Spike! He thought as he used the technique. The water vapor in the air concentraited into his hand, forming a water spear. The water then froze into a spear of ice, just as the panther attacked. In the blink of an eye, Akira leaned forwards a bit, ducking under the panther's claws, and stabbed the spike through the giant cat's stomach. The blood from the creature splattered onto his white hair and jacket, then the panther fell to the ground, dead.

Akira looked down at it as he wiped the blood off of his jacket. "Think again next time you challange me." He said, attempting to wipe the blood out of his hair. He got most of it off, but a few red streaks remained in his hair. Not caring, Akira surveyed the grounds. Most of the animals were staying away now, and the few that weren't did not go anywhere near Akira. The young Chuunin smirked slightly, then made the spear disappear.

Akria then looked around the training grounds until he spotted what he was looking for: The Raikage. Apparently he had called a meeting here. There was already another Chuunin here, which meant that Akira was the third person here, counting the Raikage. He normally preferred to be early, but sometimes he was late... like today. Akira put his hands back in his jean pockets and walked over to the two ninjas. "Lord Raikage..." He said, respectably, bowing slightly.

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Re: Thanatos - The Angel of Death

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