Biography of Ran Sato

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Biography of Ran Sato

Post by NobleSlug on Thu Sep 02, 2010 1:48 am

~General Information~

Name: Ran Sakura Sato

Nickname/Alias: Bug, Ran Sakura Yoshida

Weight: 120 lbs

Height: 5’6”

Age: 16

Gender: Female



Ran is of Asian decent with a tiny fraction of Swedish, French and Scottish mixed in. She is tall and slender with pale porcelain skin; tinted lightly with gold and fluffy, long pitch black hair. She has large almond shaped brown eyes, a curved nose, heart-shaped face and rosebud lips. She has a few scars, piercings and a tattoo or two she got in secret when she was younger. She has a scar diagonally down the right side of her collarbone, a scar on the outside of her left ankle and three diagonally down her back (like claw marks). Her ears are pierced, once on each lobe and another near the top of her left ear. She also has a small tattoo of an orchid on her right hipbone, a tattoo of a rose entwined with a lotus on her lower back (right above her tailbone) and the tattoo of the kanji for seduce on her left shoulder blade.

Clothing: Ran likes halters and tank tops, or loose blouses with no sleeves, shorts and BDUs, tights paired with miniskirts, sandals and flip-flops. She normally wears either her old worn zip-up army surplus hoodie tied around her waist, or her leather trench coat, and she carries her things in a big, black IonStorm shoulder bag. Her hair is normally up in a ponytail or pulled back in some other way. She likes floaty or light, unrestricting material and tries to keep her arms and legs unrestricted by heavy cloth.


Ran is an extroverted girl with a sarcastic sense of humor and a dry persona. While deep down she is a sensitive, caring person, she has a snarky, almost cynical, witty appearance that she uses around all but the closest of friends and family. She has a big sense of humor and likes cracking jokes, using a mix of deadpan and dark humor. She is very protective of her friends and family, and while she isn’t one to hold a grudge, she is aggressive about it and won’t back down. This transfers over to her passion for anything she takes too. Overall, while she can seem hard and cool to the outside world, she is underneath, friendly and compassionate.

~Character Information~

Immortal Parent's Name: Hecate

Ability Summary: As a daughter of the goddess of witches Ran can cast a variety of spells using chanting, herbs and mixtures of tinctures and oils. She also can cast bones and runes to see if certain things might succeed (almost like divination). She can also speak to dogs (minorly) and can somewhat understand frogs, both animals her mother rules over. She can also astral project and see other places or things that are happening through water, mirrors, glass, etc. but she can’t teleport or speak through unless she is looking at another who can cast spells. Her astral projections and seeing can only happen with spells. Most of her spells involve making enhanced medicines, casting charms and influencing people, and though she can do more, she is best at the latter three.

~Other Information~

Classification: Demigod

Current Location: Half-Blood Castle

~Skill Information~

Skill Specialty: Ran is excellent at preparing herbal remedies and potions and is a skilled martial artist (specifically Kung Fu and the use of a staff). She also is an excellent musician, artist, dancer and volleyball.

Special Characteristics: Ran, when using large amounts of magic, begins to bleed out of her nose and her eyes turn completely black. Her hair also begins to grow extremely quickly and can grow a few inches in a matter of minutes.

~History/RP Sample~

History/Background Story:

Ran was born in Nara, Japan, the daughter of the goddess Hecate and Kenji Sato. She spent her childhood living in the city and exploring other cities where her father was sent to work, like Kyoto, Osaka and Tokyo. When she was 4 years old, her father married a demigod named Ayame Yoshida who was the daughter of Aphrodite. Recognizing the signs of being a child of a godly being she convinced Kenji to look into options for demigods due to the danger they could be in living in the normal human world.

Ayame took special care of Ran, guarding her from monsters and trying to keep her awareness of her real mother hidden, and Ran treated Ayame like her real mother. When Ran was 12 though her magical aura shot up, and after being attacked by a group of Kappas, Kenji and Ayame explained her heritage. Shocked and scared, she ran away from home and spent a month running through wilderness, staying away from monsters. Ayame and her father were searching for her though, and when an Oni attacked her, Ayame died defending her.

Horrified at herself, Ran let her father take her home, before she started to convince him, worried about his safety, to send her to one of the half-blood places that you could stay at to train your abilities and stay safe. Worried about Ran’s ability to stay alive and well living in their house, he agreed and sent her to Half-Blood Castle, in Europe.

Ran has been living at the castle for four years, trying to stay inconspicuous, as she started training up her various abilities. During her second year there she read about journeys to the underworld where the traveler was able to bargain with Hades to try and bring someone back from the dead. She began to search for ways to get to the underworld, and to appease the lord of the dead, hoping to be able to bring Ayame back.

Roleplay Sample:

Ran was running like she had never before. Her legs pumping madly she gasped for breath as she hurtled through trees and over fallen branches. She could hear the Oni thundering behind her, and gaining quickly. Tears stung in her eyes and she whimpered as a branch cut into her arm. Terror had shot her body full of adrenaline, and though she hadn’t eaten in days she was able to move quickly because of it. She could tell that her efforts weren’t working though. She could smell the Oni’s disgusting stench and she wrinkled her nose, taking deep breaths through her mouth.

Suddenly her foot caught on a fallen log and she went flying. She screamed and hit the ground hard, all of the breath knocked out of her. She gasped for breath and opened her eyes to see the Oni towering over her. She screamed again and struggled to crawl away, sobs wracking through her chest as she clawed at the ground. The Oni grabbed her leg and she beat against its claws, still screaming.

“NO!!” she heard someone shout, and suddenly something hit the Oni hard. She yelped as her leg was wrenched from the Oni’s grasp and she scrambled away, looking up to see Ayame facing off with the Oni, a sword held in her hand. Ayame looked horrible. There were scratches on her face and arms, dirt smeared all over her, and huge bags under her brown eyes. Her long black hair was tangled and full of leaves and her clothing ripped. She was limping slightly; it looked like she has sprained something when she hit the Oni.

“Ayame-san!” Ran screeched, filling with relief as she saw her. Ayame turned her face slightly and smiled warmly, before leaping at the Oni, brandishing her sword. Ayame and the Oni were a blur, though she could hear roars and groans of pain. Suddenly they both stopped. Ayame’s sword was stuck in the Oni’s throat… and one of the Oni’s claws was sticking through her chest. “No… Ayame-san… Ayame!” She screamed, tears pouring down her face, leaving clean streaks where dirt had been before. She leapt up and over to Ayame, who lay on the ground, blood pooling around her.

“Ran…chan,” she said, smiling again at her before her head went limp, her eyes completely blank.

“A-Ayame…” She sobbed, leaning over her body, her eyes tightly shut as if not seeing her body could make what happened untrue.

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Re: Biography of Ran Sato

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Looks fine. Approved.

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