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Point System

Post by Chaos. on Thu Sep 02, 2010 12:10 pm

Alright, lets take a deep breathe and hope this turns out epically awesome.

Character Deaths
If you died because you tripped over a twig or something(lets just say a rock), we wouldn't want all those points to go to waste and let you make another character for free, yes? So in order to make a new character, you must pay points. Though the amount varies between classes.

Demigods~ 50 pts
Gods~ 200 pts
Minor Gods~ 100 pts
Titans~ 300 pts
Monsters~ 100 pts
Spirits~ 70 pts

Yea, so you died. How sad. For you! Lol. Sorry, excuse my clown-ish jokes. But its true, it only happens to be bad news for you. For the person who killed you, they gain a small percentage of the points you pay to make a new character. So if you killed a demigod, you gain 10 points.

Demigods~ 10 pts
Gods~ 40 pts
Minor Gods~ 30 pts
Titans~ 50 pts
Monsters~ 20 pts
Spirits~ 25 pts

Upgrading Weapons/Items
So you get bored with you wooden stick, but you don't want to get rid of it and make a new one. That is where this comes in. For 500 points, you can upgrade your plain, old wooden stick to a wooden stick that shoots sparks from it.

Currently, you may only have a maximum of seven abilities/techniques. However, you can spend your points to gain another ability. Yes, you get to customize and choose what the ability is. If I had my way, your ability would be girly voice that puts your enemies to sleep. Lol. Just kidding. But the amount of points for each class is different. So a immortal will have to pay more points for another ability than a demigod, who happens to pay less.

Demigods~ 700 pts
Gods~ 1500 pts
Minor Gods~ 1000 pts
Titans~ 2000 pts
Monsters~ 900 pts
Spirits~ 820 pts

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