Sin Son of The Sea God.

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Sin Son of The Sea God.

Post by Sin on Tue Sep 07, 2010 4:52 pm

~General Information~

Name:Sin Maverick


Weight:154 (Wiry muscle)




Appearance: (Except more muscled and with green eyes)

Clothing:Red t-shirt with a 4 leaf clover on the back. Black jeans with two chains across the waist that hang down.

Personality:Sin is a loner by nature preferring to do things his way and doesn't do well with authority figures. Sin likes a good fight even if it is multiple against him which really gets his blood pumping. Sin has no mercy for enemies and would even leave a ally behind if he needed to. Known for not caring about others he would sacrifice anyone to get to his goal which makes him very pushy and easy to tick off. However after a while he begins to like a person but he would still sell them to Hades to obtain his goal. Sin is not a very good friend but he is a great fighter.

~Character Information~

Immortal Parent's Name: Poseidon God of the sea. Earth shaker, storm bringer. father of horses.

Ability Summary:Sin is still learning his abilities but so far he can heal in water and be back at 100%. Having learned early when he gets really angry he can make the ground shake. Not much but enough to appear on the rector scale. Sin can move water in small amounts a small pond or a creek can bend to his will.

~Other Information~Sin isn't very good with weaponry always preferring to fight with his fist so he tends to shun weapons and deal punishment with his fist.

Classification: Demigod.

Current Location:England

~Skill Information~

Skill Specialty:Sins most potent talent is shaking the ground. Like his brothers and sisters he can breath in water, Move it to his will. But Sin's true nature falls into making the ground move even underwater.

Special Characteristics: Sin is a fist fighter plain and simple he can be good with a sword but he likes to use his size and build to dish out true punishment. Sin feels weaponry is for cowards and the gods gave him his fists to use. Sin is a fast mover having years of training being in Maui Thai since he was 5 and has earned his black belt in it. (Also known as kick boxing)

~History/RP Sample~

History/Background Story:Sin Maverick was born in Ireland off the coast on a small island not far from the mainland. He was a only child until his mother Stacy remarried a man named Kyle. Kyle brought with him his two sons who were constantly bullying the young Irish boy until one day he snapped and beat them both to a bloody mess. After that his mother divorced her husband, At this time Sin was eight years of age. Stacy worked as a fisher to feed her and her son shunning things like technology which made Sin grow up without it. Stacy kept her son in kick boxing deciding her son needed to know how to defend himself. Stacy also had another motive she knew who the father of her son was and he had told her one day the monsters of stories would come for her boy so Stacy made sure Sin could defend himself.

Sin was drawn to the ocean before he could even walk he would crawl to the salty sea and laugh as the waves roared over his small figure. His passion came from his fathers rule but Sin didn't know that he just knew the sea called him in his mothers voice. On Sin's 10th birthday a woman came to visit she was stunningly beautiful and Stacy knew she was too pretty, The woman showed great interest in young Sin who she complemented and cooed to his young nature. Unknowns to her Sin felt badness coming from the woman and kept his distance at all time, One day the woman came to visit again but she wasn't alone. A man was with her a very ugly man his eyes were pushed in and had blue hair all over his body. Stacy had read stories and understood the pair were there to hurt her son both reeked of death when they arrived like some kind of filthy decaying corpse.

Sin came out of the small hut to meet the two who had arrived only to find his mother brandishing what looked like a pike at them, Her eyes were full of anger as she slashed and thrusted to keep the pair in the sea afraid of what would happen if they got to her son. Sin was scared for his mother when the blue haired man began to shift growing large wings from his back and a muzzle full of blood stained teeth. the man struck out with a paddle and smacked Stacy to the ground. Sin let out a furious howl that made the ground shake in his anger he rushed into the sea even though he would have to swim to reach them, When Sin's feet touched the ocean however the water begin to draw back until the raft sat on the sand which was odd seeing how they were off the coast of a island. Before Sin could reach them slipping on seaweed and algae a mighty wave came from nowhere smashing the raft to bits both the woman and the creature were killed turning into dust, The wave roared throwing the young boy back onto the island where it receded back to it's normal stature.

Sin awoke a few hours later in his bed feeling completely drained as if he had ran for miles and miles without stopping. Stacy tended to her son understanding that her boy was now a target and in danger, Having taken care of a few things while Sin was unconscious and made traveling plans for the young boy to go stay in England with her mother who had known her grandson was special. Soon Sin was set on a ship and after a very long month arrived at England port where his grandmother took him home. Now the woman was no fool she herself could see through the mist that blinded humans of the other world and she had heard from a woman whose daughter was a demigod of a place that Sin could be safe. Grandma soon had the arrangements made and would be taking Sin to halfblood castle very shortly.

Roleplay Sample:A man and a woman walked down the path of city park obviously on a date, The man was a strong well toned dark man and the woman was a lovely tan with long brown hair. Both talked and laughed as they moved through the path, Overhead the sun had set and stars had come out shining in the night sky.

In the shadows a beast moved through silently stalking the could be couple, Glowing yellow eyes shined from the darkness of the surrounding forest, soft steps pressed on the green grass mixed with the eerie sounds of a hungry breathing. Red scales flicked under the stars as a black coat was dropped to bring silence, A undertaker hat was laid on a branch by 5 very long and very sharp claws. the creature slid through the shadows coming closer to the happy couple.

A piercing scream lit the air forcing the couple to look around, While they turned to face the west the creature sprang out of the east sinking a pair of 6 inch sharp talon toe nail into the man's back and pulled down, Red blood poured from the wound as the man dropped writhing on the cold stone, Raptor spun slashing his claws across the woman's legs tearing them open to the bone. The woman screamed as she tried to crawl away before powerful talons sunk into her lower back, Hot breathe breathed on her neck. The woman cried as she felt 3 rows of dagger sharp teethe bite down into her soft neck and with a yank the woman passed into the hands of the reaper.

Raptor rose a few minutes later leaving skeleton,meat and blood soaking the green grass to red, With a jerk of his head Raptor was on the man ripping into his stomach with his powerful jaws eating the man while he was alive, Painful screams of horror echoed from the man's lips as hot blood gushed into Raptors starving mouth. With a final bite Raptor stood up a heart in his mouth that when the sharp teethe pushed down exploded like a jelly doughnut spilling warm coppery blood into the Apex Predators mouth. A soft sigh escaped the creatures mouth as hot blood,drool and saliva dripped out of the creatures mouth. "Oh that was yummy", The voice was shockingly young and weirder kind.

Raptor slid on his black coat and his hat looking down at the dead humans who were horribly damaged, There were deep bite marks in the bone and some had even been broken in half. Raptor left the bloody scene a loud growl escaping his throat, The beast inside wanted to go back and finish what happened but the young man fought back running into a full sprint to get away from the evil memory.

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Re: Sin Son of The Sea God.

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Looks fine, just be sure not to g-mod with the healing thingy. Approved.

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