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Rose MacBeath

Post by Rose MacBeath on Thu Sep 09, 2010 7:56 pm

~General Information~

Name: Rose Tara MacBeath

Nickname/Alias: Rosey

Weight: 135 lbs

Height: 5’9”

Age: 13

Gender: Female

Appearance: (I couldn’t find any accurate kid pics, so this is what she’d look like as an adult)


Rose is a tall, lean girl with long curly red hair and pale ivory skin smattered with freckles. She has heart shaped face with high cheekbones, a full mouth, “roman” nose and large brown eyes. She has modest curves and her body is lightly padded with muscles, mostly on her stomach, back and shoulders. She has all over long features; neck, legs, fingers, feet, and has developed some physical issues due to them, like weaker ankles and flat feet that result in her need for orthotics. She frequently dies her hair, mainly with natural dies, like henna to deepen her coppery red to a more fire engine color.

Rose has some scars; one down the right side of her neck, one diagonally down the inside of her lower right arm, and one slashed down at the back of her left thigh. She also has pierced ears she got at the castle.


Rose favors long intricately designed skirts, loose pants and shorts, floating blouses and halter tops, flowing materials with embroidery and leather sandals. She also wears an old wool army jacket almost all the time.

Personality: Rose had a childhood that wasn’t full of strife or misery, something horrendously normal. She was quiet, shy, caring, but with a friendly air and a mean streak full of snark. She knew she was lucky, she knew she had it easy, and so she despised herself whenever she was upset about things that weren’t, as she defined it, important and guilt tripped herself about it, bottling her negative emotions in, so they’d spew out whenever she had too much.

When she was 12 she found out about her heritage, and she became even more enclosed. She was constantly afraid that her heritage would endanger her family, especially her older sister. Because of this she decided to go to half-blood castle full time, returning to her home once every summer to visit her family. She feels strongly attached to her sister, who is a daughter of Aphrodite.

~Character Information~

Immortal Parent's Name: Nyx

Ability Summary: Rose can sense and adjust the magnetic properties of things (though the potency depends on the mass and size of the object), which can send them moving away or towards another object when she adjusts their magnetic properties. She also has enhanced reflexes and abilities at nighttime (strength, agility, endurance, higher pain threshold, etc.) and can see in the dark. She can also create the illusion of darkness in someone’s mind.

~Other Information~

Classification: Demigod

Current Location: Half Blood Castle

~Skill Information~

Skill Specialty: Rose is extremely skilled in martial arts, knowing Wu Shu kung fu and some Wing Shun kung fu. She loves to draw, play the violin, dance and cook. She also enjoys writing and running.

Special Characteristics: None

~History/RP Sample~

History/Background Story:

Rose was born to the night goddess/spirit Nyx and Ian MacBeath in Scotland. She didn’t know anything about her heritage, and so she and her older sister Ophelia, a child of Aphrodite, lived in relative peace. When she was 8 her sister left for Half Blood castle after she found out about her heritage. Rose thought she had left to go to a boarding school, and became even more shy and withdrawn then before now that she didn’t have her older sister to look out for her.

She was teased by other children for her strange drawn to the dark and night, and always found herself more awake during the night, and sleepier during the day. She also was bullied for her enclosed attitude, which was seen as ‘mysterious’ and meaning to draw attention to herself. When she was 12 years old she was attacked by a minotaur. Terrified, she accidentally used her abilities to form a huge bear from the dark, whom killed the minotaur. Now aware of her own abilities, she got her father to explain her real heritage and her sisters. She was amazed and slightly terrified, so she decided to go to Half-blood castle with her sister. She has been living there for a year.

Rose is currently training for her own quest, after hearing a prophecy for herself, that she interpreted as her sister being killed on a quest. She is fully prepared to sacrifice herself to save her sister, or to bring her back from the dead at the cost of her own life if she must.

Roleplay Sample:

Rose tumbled to the ground, gravel cutting her face open. She whimpered as she was yanked back up and hit again. She fought against the hands that held her and she took a long swipe at one. The person yowled and flung her into the ground. Blood pooled at her lower lip and her hands were covered in cuts. She had taken an elbow to the eye and she could practically feel it bruising. She scrambled up and started to run as fast as she could.

Her tiny village was busy at the time, but she was running through alleys and side streets so there was no one to help her get away from the pack of bullies chasing her. She knew once she got home her father would call the school for the hundredth time and put a stop to it, but then a new pack of them would form and there was nothing she could do but run. She could turn and fight if there were less, but a pacifist by nature, and vastly outnumbered, she couldn’t win.

She pulled up short as she rounded the corner and saw… a dead end. She paled as she heard them thundering behind her, and she ran up to the fence that held her back and tried to climb it. She was pulling herself up onto a dumpster when one of them grabbed her ankle and pulled her back down. She squealed in pain, her 7 year-old brain feverishly trying to figure out a way to free herself, when she suddenly heard a shout. She looked up and her eyes filled with tears of relief as she saw her sister and her group of friends.

Her sister and her friends were only 12, but they were 5 years older then the group of bullies that were beating Rose up, and she knew the younger kids were no match. Ophelia marched up, her expression murderous, her small group of friends flanking her on either side. The bullies took one look and fled, darting down the alley and around her, or up and over the fence. Ophelia knelt down and helped Rose up. “Are you ok Rosey?” she asked, her face showing compassion and concern.

“I’m thine,” she said, her swollen lip distorting her words. Ophelia grimaced and lifted her onto her back. Rose curled up there, her face buried into her sisters hair.

“Come on guys,” Ophelia said to her friends. One of them held Rose’s bag; she must have dropped it while running, and they all started to walk balk to Ophelia and Rose’s home, making tsking and making noises of sympathy as she brushed off the gravel and dirt from her back as they walked. Rose closed her eyes and saw in her lids one of the only things that could cheer her up; darkness. She sighed and focused on it as her sister slowly carried her back home.
Rose MacBeath

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