Athan son of zeus

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Athan son of zeus

Post by Athan on Fri Sep 10, 2010 1:53 pm

~General Information~



Weight:250 lbs

Height:6 ft even




Clothing:Normally shirt less and black pistol pants

Personality:On the surface, Athan displays an immature sort of personality. He is decidedly stubborn and strong-willed, frequently letting his pettiness and vindictiveness get the better of him. He is somewhat selfish and remarkably self-absorbed, generally acting more out of self-interest than any sort of philanthropy as well as taking several opportunities to stroke his own ego or flaunt his power. He is largely hostile towards figures of authority and feels little incentive to follow orders with which he disagrees, earning him the distinction of being a loose cannon of sorts. Athan is also rather quick-tempered, resorting more often to steel-fisted violence than calm negotiation to settle disputes. He has a reputation for being foul-mouthed and is an incurably sarcastic cynic, only too happy to bluntly and harshly relieve others of their comfortable delusions regarding god, reality, or their own self-importance. Athan has also displayed a propensity towards impatience and an inability to sit still for long, which perhaps contributes to his love of travel.

~Character Information~

Immortal Parent's Name:Zeus

Ability Summary:Athen due to being the son of Zeus is incredibly strong. Being able to lift three times his bodies weight with ease. Along with being able to make thunder bolts like his father.

~Other Information~

Classification: Demigod

Current Location:Europe

~Skill Information~

Skill Specialty:Fighting

Special Characteristics:N/A

~History/RP Sample~

History/Background Story:
Chapter one birth of war
'AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!' a young women screamed. 'Push honey push!' a man said. This woman was may and she was giving birth to the demigod who's name was chosen by his father zeus. Athan meaning immortal was being born. With one final scream the woman had pushed out her child.

Chapter two Childhood
Athan was a very hot headed and violent child. Picking fights,argueing with his parents and hitting teachers. As he grew older his violence grew soon started to steal cars and anything else. Even nearly killing some one once with his bare hands at the mear age of eight. His age protected him from the slammer but it haunted him now.

Chapter three Learning of godly power.
At ten his mother had told the truth to athan through a note and told him everything. 'Athan you are a demigod you feed off your fathers power. I die and you die remember keep your friends close and enemies closer.' and the words rang true in his head. He was a demigod nothing more nothing less. He learned of a place in Europe how ever called half blood castle 'I'm going there.' he said and and was soon on a plane flying away to Europe.

Roleplay Sample:It had been weeks since dabura had made keitaro relive his past. Keitaro felt a dark power running through him at all times now. Suddenly the little blue demon that told keitaro dabura wanted to meet him ran up. "Keitaro-sama your under the wrong demon king follow me and i'l-GAH!" the little demon said as it was now held in keitaro right hand. "Hmm a false demon king?, Well then i guess i have to report this to dabura. Where is this false king at?" keitaro asked "In southern hell!" the little demon yelled as keitaro snaped the little demons neck. Keitaro enterd dabura's castle dabura had two human female's sitting around his throne "Keitaro what is it?" the demon king asked.

"My lord it seems that there is a false king in the southren part of hell...What are my orders?" keitaro asked the demon king. Keitaro looked into the demon kings eyes and fire's of rage were in them. Keitaro in the first time in his life was afraid. "Keitaro i am going with you to face this false king. I am giving you full controle over my army." the king said as he got up from his throne and told them women to keitaro into battle armor.
Keitaro looked upon the armor he was placed into it was brown with spikes all over it then the women started to talk "This armor well protect you from any and every fire of hell out there. It'll also help stop you from being possesd." the girls finished with a smile.

Keitaro walked out of the castle along side dabura and his army. Keitaro heard the chanting grow louder as soon as they were spoted it stoped. Every last demon rushed them dabura killed them all in one swift move. Keitaro turned to the army "Men.....ATTAAAAAAAAAACK!" he yelled as the army and keitaro him self rushed to the false demon king. They rushed the false king only to be knocked back by him. Keitaro had a good look at the false king.

He was large about two feet taller then dabura he wore a dark armor with helm that cover his face. Keitaro got up holding his arm "I DID NOT WALK TWO HUNDRED MILES JUST TO GET DEFEATED!" keitaro yelled as he rushed the false king holding one of the demons blade. It was an odd blade it was black with red ruby's incrusting the hilt. The false king not thinking right went to hit keitaro again only to be held back by dabura. Keitaro jumped into the air and with one swift move cut the false kings head off. Keitaro stood there coverd in blood and smirked "Some king he was." keitaro said as he gave the head to dabura and left the area.

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Re: Athan son of zeus

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Re: Athan son of zeus

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Just a little note; 'Athanatos' means immortal. But yeah.



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Re: Athan son of zeus

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