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The Gods Eternal Magik

Post by Vanora on Sat Sep 11, 2010 2:47 pm

Based off the Widely popular author Rick Riordan’s idea of camps for demigods comes a new tale where The Greek Gods meet The Celtic Gods:

The Gods are at war and we seem to be their legacy, maybe at times even their puppets.

Dagda, Chieftain of the Celtic Gods, has announced war against the Greeks.
Belenus, Celtic God of Light. Is challenging Apollo for the right to the sun and Morrigan boasts of superior battle skills compared to both Athena and Ares. Though it's not just the Celtics wanting power. Poesidon is challenging for power over Boann's waters and Hephaestus claims of his weapons and gadgets being better then Goibhniu's. Epona challenges Poseidon over who created better horses and Zeus believes no one has better lightning control then him.
Yet it's not all bad, Aonghus wants to work his magic and claim Aphrodite's heart in love. Cernunnos and Hades are starting to become friends. Demeter and Amaethon want to start a garden club. Sucellus and Artemis have gotten their Hunters together in friendly competition though as the girls hate boys the friendly competition could falter.

In the end, it's the gods verses the gods. And Demigods verses demigods. Are you part of the war or do you think they are being childish parents?
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