Maneki Neko.(Son of Poseidon)

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Maneki Neko.(Son of Poseidon)

Post by taco cat on Sun Sep 12, 2010 1:34 am

~General Information~

Name: Maneki Neko

Nickname/Alias: Mane

Weight:145 lb

Height: 5,7 ft



Appearance: Maneki has shaggy black hair and friendly green eyes. He is tall for his age group and has a well built body. His body is very muscular more it is lean and well toned.

Clothing:Maneki likes to wear a certain type of clothing everyday. He likes to wear black kimonos and wooden sandals. Under his kimono he wears a white undershirt.

Personality: Maneki is a kindhearted kid who likes to make friends with anyone. He is also an extremely emotional person. He rushed into combat to help his friends without any plan. He is a loyal person who values his friends as much as his own life.

~Character Information~

Immortal Parent's Name:Poseidon

Ability Summary: control over water,Seismic powers(no control yet), Breathing under water/staying dry in water , other fish related abilities and talking to types of horses/aquatic animals and healing when in contact with water.

~Other Information~

Classification: Demi-god

Current Location: London

~Skill Information~

Skill Specialty: Sword fighter. More specifically dual swords.

Special Characteristics: Ambidextrous and adaptive.

~History/RP Sample~

History/Background Story:

Maneki was born in the U.S.A but at an early age was taken by his mother to London. He has a American accent and can speak with a British accent. Over the years he has been in and out of more schools then he could keep track of. When he was five years old his kindergarten teacher suddenly caught on fire and disappeared. A parent had apparently seen this and reported it,and his mom transferred him out that very day. Again when he was seven his classrooms trip to the aquarium and when the class got into and argument over what the best fish was the glass exploded sending out all the exhibits and the fish floated out. Maneki transferred that same day.

Now it is years later and Maneki has been going to this school for 7 years now and it was his last year there unfortunately things didn't go as planned. At graduation day from 8th grade all the teachers turned into monsters and attacked him all except one who tossed him a pair of metal arm guards and said to put them on. He then told him to knock them together. when he did they turned into two bronze swords that appeared in his hands. When the monsters came at him he slashed them down with his swords. In seconds all the monsters were dust. After that Manekis mom told him how he was a Half-Blood and took him to castle half-blood where he now lives.

Roleplay Sample:

Maneki automatically stuck his arms up in defense for the blast,but he knew that it was useless he was about to be hit with a blast of strange energy. Suddenly the the energy hit him and he glowed red for a few seconds. Then suddenly he was hit with the urge to find his master even more then when the day started. Then Greeds voice boomed louder then it had been before and he said to Maneki "Now tell me what is it that you now want to uncontrollably."

Maneki wasn't sure what Greed meant by that,but "If you mean what I now want is what i all ways do. I want to find my master." Greed was taken back by Manekis word "How is it you are able resist my powers enough to just be encouraged." Greed said. Maneki replied to him "Maybe your just not as powerful as you think you are and now I'm gonna stop your hold on these people."

Maneki slashed at Greeds' chest with his metal claws with a cross slash. When the attack was done Greed didn't have a scratch on him. Greeds voice boomed as he said "Fool You can not break the ultimate defense that is my body!" Greed launched a kick at him and sent him flying into a wall. Greed went to Maneki,and when it looked like he was gonna finish him off he said to him "You are lucky kid it has been a while since someone could resist my powers and put up a fight."

Greed continued with saying "I'm gonna spare you for now and let you mature a little before I utterly crush you." With that Greed walked away from the shopping area and left the city. Upon his leaving everyone returned to normal. Maneki was not gonna forget Greed anytime soon and the next time they met he would be sure to finish him.

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Re: Maneki Neko.(Son of Poseidon)

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