Curse of Achilles Rules. (On Hold)

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Curse of Achilles Rules. (On Hold)

Post by Sin on Fri Sep 17, 2010 7:54 pm

Ok these are the rules and requirements to gain the curse of Achilles.

Requirement 1. To Gain the Curse of Achilles you MUST be a child of the big three. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Requirement 2 To Gain the Curse of Achilles you must post 1000 words. You must also have Courage to face the Styx, The strength to Dive in, The Fortitude for the pain. AND MOST IMPORTANTLY MUST HAVE A REAL GOAL TO LIVE THROUGH IT. This does not count for friends, family or loved ones. This is a REQUIREMENT ABOVE ALL ELSE. You must be willing to DIE for this goal and face the gods and titans as a force and run through them.

Rule 1 The mortal line can not be placed somewhere indecent such as the private ares or the back side. It can not be placed where a vital organ is.

Rule 2 You MUST pm all mods and admins of your weak spot so you can not change it if someone strikes where you chose it.

Rule 3 After 5 attacks the other player will begin to get a sense NOT KNOW but a sense of a possibility where your mortal line is. (If any player abuses this they will be ripped of there curse or the other player will be considered the loser)

Rule 4. If your mortal line is cut, penetrated, gashed or slashed you are VULNERABLE not dead. Attacks will have the same effect on you as if you never got the curse.

Rule 5 This power does NOT give you invincibility. It gives you faster reflexes, better movement and the ability to withstand more damage. Your attacks will come faster and it will be harder to damage you. (HOWEVER IF GOD MODDING IS SEEN AT ALL YOUR CURSE WILL BE TAKEN)

Rule 6 If you feel as the child of another god that your character can gain the curse of Achilles Please feel free to pm a fellow mod or admin or even me with a request. However it comes with a bigger risk if you do not succeed you WILL DIE no exceptions.


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