Weapon and Abilities of Airlia Gullveig

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Weapon and Abilities of Airlia Gullveig

Post by Airlia Gullveig on Sun Sep 19, 2010 4:03 pm

Name: Selene Künegetay
Element: N/A
Classification Bow
Weight: 10 pounds
Length: 5 and a half feet
Abilities of item: Selene Künegetay has been blessed by the goddess Artemis. Not only can you virtually not miss when shooting an arrow (of course, this doesn't include shooting at something while the bow and arrow is facing away from it and this also is only for inanimate objects, not self-aware creatures) but it also is impossible to break. It gives off a similar aura to a the goddess, extremely similar to the Hunter's auras. It also is only usable by Airlia Gullveig, and anyone else who tried to use it couldn't draw the bow.
Description of item Appearance:

Selene Künegetay is a longbow, about 5 feet and 6 inches and weighing about 10 pounds. It is made out of yew and stained a deep brown. The bow if very flexible and springy, though it does take a a certain amount of strength to draw. However a demigod or Hunter should be able to draw it without using much effort. It has engravings of animals and vines down it, and near the bottom there is a silver and crystal crescent moon, that functions as both a decoration and balances the bow better.


Obsessive Love

Airlia has the ability to create the illusion in someones mind that they are in love with her. It isn’t pure love so much, more an obsessive fixation. It could provide useful on the field of battle (enabling her to cause her opponents to fall in ‘love’ with her), but she never uses it due to her viewing it as dishonorly. It is also possible to break out of the illusion.

Ability Enhancement

Airlia has the unique ability to have her natural abilities and reflexes enhanced the more praise, flattery and attention she gets. She doesn't actively seek the use of this ability, and due to the infrequency of use it is unknown what the limits for teh enhancements are.


Airlia has a strong sexual aura that draws people too her, both supernaturally and with pheromones. It is helpful when in use with her obsessive love abillity, however she had requested that Lady Artemis made it so her hunter aura completely blotted out her natural aura. Unless she requests otherwise her aura is virtually undetectable. It also doesn't have any effect on gay males, asexuals, psychopaths, etc.


Airlia has gained immortality from her pledge as a Huntress to Artemis. Unless she is slain in battle or loses her maidenhood she will stay immortal forever. She also has eternal youth, and again, unless slain in battle or leaving the Hunters she will stay the same age forever

Enhanced Abilities

From her Hunters pledge she gained enhanced strength, speed, agility, stamina, aim, etc. It is a noticeable difference from the average abilities and reflexes of a human or demigod and she will keep them until she is no longer a Hunter/killed in battle.
Airlia Gullveig

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Re: Weapon and Abilities of Airlia Gullveig

Post by Poseidon on Sun Sep 19, 2010 4:13 pm

I as Sin approve this.


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