Theos Martyr - Son of Zeus

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Theos Martyr - Son of Zeus

Post by Blood on Sun Sep 19, 2010 8:46 pm

~General Information~

Name: Theos Martyr

Nickname/Alias: Blood

Weight: 108 pounds

Height: 5'6''

Age: 14

Gender: Male


Theos is a tall, muscular male Demi-God. However, despite what Zeus looks like, Theos gets his appearance from his mother. Thus, his hair, instead of being blonde, is black and spiky with two long bangs down the sides of his face. Wrapped around his head he wears a protective headband with a metal plate on it. This is extremely hard, and can protect him from swords, arrows, spears, and more. However it only protects the area covered by the plate. Carved onto the plate is a spiral with a triangle attached to it.

Theos's face is pleasant to look at, and most girls consider him to be handsome, attractive, and cute. His eyes are black, yet the shade is different from that of Thanatos's. Theos's eyes are black, but full of mystery, instead of just small black holes. They convey emotions clearly, though Theos does possess the skill to mask his emotions from other people. His eyes intruige many people, and entrance many other people. Theos's nose, ears, and mouth are average sized, and his teeth are pointed to form fangs.

Theos's most prominent display on his body is his tattoo, which he got at age 12. His tattoo is black and swirly, going from the left side of his neck up to the left side of his face and down his left arm and hand. Theos's tattoo interests most people, and lots of people say that it looks "cool". Though this wasn't the reason Theos got it. He got it because it was a tattoo his brother had.

The second-most prominent display on his body is his scar. Theos has a scar in the shape of a lightning bolt going from his neck to his chest and back (Explained more in history). He likes to hide it from people, but when he reveals it most people find it quite interesting... hense the reason for covering it up.

On his legs, Theos wears dark gray shorts that allow him to move around easily. They are made with a flexible fabric, and are baggy, allowing him more freedom in his actions. On his torso, Theos wears a black baggy tee-shirt with a large collar, meant to hide the scar he has. This shirt also allows him to move around freely. On his left arm he wears a cloth wrist warmer (though it doesn't really warn his forearm as it's so baggy xD). On the top and bottom of it are black bands, meant for more support on his arm. Around his lower legs Theos has tied white cloth. This protects his legs from scratches when he runs through forests and tall grass. Theos wears blue flexible sandals on his feet.

Personality: When he was a child Theos used to be a very kind boy, loving towards his mother and brother, and being respectful to his classmates and teachers. He was even very proud of being related to his brother, who entered the army, and he always desired to emulate him. After he was told that he was the son of Zeus, and his family was brutally slaughtered right in front of him, Theos's innocence was corrupted, his ideals and personality changed severely, becoming depressed, lonely, dark, and mysterious.

Also, for his entire life, despite being popular towards females due to being handsome and cool Theos showed absolutely no interest in any of these women, nor their advances, due to his only desire being for revenge and power. Even when one girl's childish crush turned to sincere affection, Theos still did not return the feelings.

Theos's Theme Song is "Heart of Misery" by The Rasmus.

~Character Information~

Immortal Parent's Name: Zeus

Ability Summary: Lightning: Theos's main ability is the ability to create and control lightning. However, unlike his father, Theos's lightning is blue instead of yellow, though it is just as dangerous. The main attack Theos uses with this ability is called "Lightning Blade". Theos creates Lightning around his hand and forearm. This has so much power that if he drags it across the ground, it will rip up the ground, and if he slams it into stone it will make a crater.

Agility: Theos has INCREDIBLE agility, and can jump extremely high, far, manuver in midair, squeeze into tight spaces, and more.

Strength: Theos possesses super-strength, and can lift about 500 pounds.

~Other Information~

Classification: Demigod

Current Location: Half-Blood Castle

~Skill Information~

Skill Specialty: Theos possesses the skill to mask his emotions and feelings from other people. This expecially helps him when he lies. He is also considered a genius by most people, and has quite high intelligence, though his wisdom could use some working on. He is also EXTREMELY skilled with swords.

Special Characteristics: Theos plays Drums, Guitar, Flute, Piano, and Sings.

~History/RP Sample~

History/Background Story: Being the younger brother of an Army General, Theos grew up in the shadow of his older brother, Jacob. Jacob was an acknowledged Soldier, and possessed great physical skill. Jacob was rather arrogant and full of odd habits, acknowledging Theos barely. Even after Theos enrolled in the school Jacob went to, he was still unable to escape Jacob's shadow. Despite consistently scoring at the top of every class, Theos failed to receive any recognition from his family, who defined Theos's success only in terms of his older brother. Jacob acknowledged the rivalry Theos felt, though.

When Theos was 7 his family was attacked by a group of demigods who followed Kronos. They were brutally slaughtered and killed right in front of Theos's eyes. They then revealed to Theos that he was the son of Zeus, the Greek king of the gods. Theos couldn't believe it, until he activated his powers in a blind attack full of fury. He formed his Lightning Blade, acsidentally, and killed 1 of the demi-gods. He then collapsed, howling in blind rage, and went into his release state. The Demi-Gods fled in fear for their lives, and Theos's raw power destroyed his house. This power, however, and the ligthnign blade gave him a HUGE lightning-shaped scar across his chest and back.

Theos then ran from his house, into the woods. He ran for weeks and weeks until he reached Half-Blood Castle. Theos was granted a place to stay once he explained his story. Being the only child of Zeus, he was dubbed his dorm's counselor. Thus, Theos grew up in Half-Blood castle, training his powers, and honing his skills. When he was 12, he got a tattoo on his body by the Apollo kids.

Roleplay Sample: Thanatos stood crouched down on a graveyard, with huge white wings spread out behind him, and his scythe in one hand (The pose in my pic). Carved onto the gravestone were the words "Angel of Death" carved by Thanatos himself to show people that this was his realm... as if the mist and darkness didn't cover it. On the square block of stone under the gravestone it said "DNAngel". DN, Daniel Numari, was the name of the body he had used for his human form. Carving the boy's initials into the stone was the least Thanatos could do.

Then, something a little ways away caught Thanatos's attention. A young girl, about 16, and a bit taller then he was. "Hmm... interesting... I wonder who she could be." He mused, remaining in his crouching his position, watching the girl carefully, his black eyes seeming to shine in the light of the full moon.

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Re: Theos Martyr - Son of Zeus

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