'Killing' an Immortal?

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'Killing' an Immortal?

Post by Chaos. on Tue Aug 24, 2010 10:06 pm

No matter how hard you try, you can't kill a immortal. Or at least, thats what they say. All immortals can't be killed the same way, cause there is a huge difference between a Titan, and a Olympian. For example, when a god changes into his/her true form, you must look away or you will turn to ashes(This does not mean you can RP with your true form active, however, you may do this while teleport.) Correct? Well, if Kronos was to change into his true form, closing your eyes and looking away wouldn't save you from being turned into ashes. He is simply far too powerful.

So how to kill a Titan? Two words: Not possible. Even the gods don't have the power to kill a Titan. Though it would be interesting to see how long you last against a Titan, before you die.

As for gods, they are slightly easier to get rid of. You must find a way to tear down Mount Olympus, brick by brick. Upon doing so, you must destroy their thrones. The thrones represent their source of power, and destroying them would make the gods far weaker. This, however, might be only possible for a immortal or a demigod with some OP-like powers. After some time, the gods will be weakened to a point where they will eventually fade. That is how they 'die'. So the only way to get rid of the Olympians is by destroying Olympus. However, if your smart, you'll understand that 'killing' an immortal comes with some dire consequences.

Now you maybe wondering if a minor god can be 'killed' the same way a Olympian can. Well, the answer is no. To destroy a minor god, you must weaken them to a point where they eventually fade. This can be accomplished by an immortal, monsters, and demigods. Yay, sure you can defeat them. But its a lot harder than you think. So you'll have to make sure they are bleeding to death, barely concious, little energy left to spare, ect. Of course, this is very hard, as they have far more power than a average demigod.

And don't expect to just magically fade right after you defeat them. It might a take a couple of minutes. Although, some gods have enough power to resist, thus they tend to stay alive for an hour or two.

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