ROTO Basic Rules

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ROTO Basic Rules

Post by Chaos. on Mon Aug 23, 2010 11:04 pm

ROTO Basic Rules

General Rules

-You have agreed to the terms and conditions. so please follow them

-To bump a topic, you must wait 24 hours after your last post. For applications, read below.

-You may not double post in any topic unless it is a topic that only you are in.

-If your opponent doesn't post within 72 hours, and there is no absence topic, or PM to their superior explaining the lack of activity, you may count your previous post as an automatic hit.

-Respect the Staff

-Do not ask to be Staff, if we think we need staff we will ask you, or make an announcement allowing you to send in a PM with your application.

-Do not post in any application that isn't yours unless you are staff, or have been given permission by staff to post there. If you have something to say about a template, PM one of the moderators working that application

-Do not Flame/Troll/Spam

-Do not make Racist, Sexist, Homophobic, or any other Prejudiced remarks.

-Respect fellow members

-Do not argue OOC within topics, if you have an argument take it to PM's.

-Do not post an only OOC comment within an IC topic, unless you are a staff member who has been asked to give an opinion on something.

-Don't post porn pictures, videos, or links to porn sites in topics, or the CB. This includes Hentai.

-Breaking any of these rules will result in a warning, and then a two day ban. If you break the rule again you get a two week ban. After that it's a permanent IP ban.

CB Rules

-Do not argue in the CB, it is a place for civil conversation. If you have an argument, take it to PM's.

-Respect everyone equally

-Do not put up porn pictures, videos, or links in the CB, including Hentai.

-Do not ask the staff to look at applications or topics in the CB that is why we have a Requests section.

-Please don't spam

-Do not make Racist, Sexist, Homophobic, or any other Prejudiced remarks.

-Do not advertise in the CB.

-Please keep the language pg-13

Posting Rules

-You must wait 48 hours after posting an application to bump it, and 48 hours after each bump to bump it again.

-You may have up to three characters, following the set requirements, these may be view in the creation rule topic.

-You may post in the same topic as your own character, but you may not be in a topic that involves a fight with the same two characters.

-The only time you can keep your character from dying in a topic is if it is an OOC topic, a topic within the history section, or if your topic title says [[No Killing]] or any rendition of that somewhere in it.

-You may only post in private topics if you are invited to it.

-Please keep Private topics to a minimum, we want to keep the site an Open RP forum, meaning that you should be roleplaying with many people, instead of the same two or three over and over.

-If there is an announcement in the Topic Forum about rules or limits, please read it over before posting your application.

--Rp dating romance is allowed but must not go further than PG-13. It would be better if you put “[PG-13]” in the title of the topic.

-Please Follow proper role-play etiquette, this mean do not metagame, Godmod, powermod, void other people’s actions, spam or anything else that falls into this category.

-Please keep liquid posting to a maximump of 2 topics at a time.

-You may only use items/ability that have been approved for that character.

-No manipulating demigod quests or changing the outcome of a prophecy.

[[These rules are subject to change, and will be updated as we go, so please check back every once and a while.]]

Important Terms

-RP - Role Play. (Bet you couldn't have guessed that one!)

-OOC - Out Of Character. Anything that is apart from the action taking place within the story or with the characters.

-IC : In Character. Anything done through a character's voice or actions, through the narrative, etc.

-((...)) or {...} - OOC bubbles. Used in the middle of a role play session to keep ooc discussion from being mixed with ic writing.

-GODMODDING – Playing God – for example being immune to all types of influence, injury, issues, or being almighty above everything and everyone. People who did this are referred to as godmodders, god-moderators or gmers. (This is action is not proper role-play etiquette, and is a punishable act. This is a a major don’t in the world of role-players.)
-METAGAMING - Using OOC commentary or reading tags and using the information in your RP without having discovered it IC. Be logical with the info you give your character, this also means them randomly knowing where objects that magically appear are. (once again this is not proper etiquette and is punishable.)
- NPC - Also known as Non-Player Character. Commonly used to serve as assault teams or temporary characters in sim-wide role play. NPCs usually will arrive to attack everyone in the sim giving players a chance to unite with each other to defeat the threat.
-Power Playing – Powerplaying, other wise referred to as power modding or god modding, is when someone plays as a character that someone else is playing, without the other players permission. Other less common variations of this is killing other members without their permission, and blackmail. Due to this, We do not allow powerplaying of any sort.
-Liquid posting- posting in more than one topic at a time, you can only hold 2 topics at a time on this site.

Important Links

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Re: ROTO Basic Rules

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