Zeus the Almighty

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Zeus the Almighty

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~General Information~

Name: Zeus

Nickname/Alias: Jupiter

Weight: 200 lbs.

Height: 6' 2"

Age: Several thousand years... One losses count after the first couple millenia.

Gender: Male

God Form:
Human Form:

Zeus is a very muscular figure, though more-so in his god form. While in god form his hair is blond and untamed, his beard thicker and fuller, his body covered in scars and extremely defined muscles. In his human form he is more presentable. He takes on a slightly shorter figure, of about 5'9", with less muscle, though still a fair amount, and a darker, more trimmed hairstyle.

Clothing: God form - Toga?
Human Form - Generally some sort of button up shirt, tie, nice pants, and suspenders. He likes to look business-like and presentable.

Zeus is the god of lightning and thunder. As one would expect, he's a very temperamental person. He's not a very faithful man, as is shown in his infidelity with his wife Hera. Zeus loves his children, and does his best to protect them, but he would just as quickly strike one down if he were to be betrayed. Zeus is easy to anger, and very hard to calm down, and he always keeps a grudge. Very sex-driven in his antics, he is often found eying humans and goddesses alike. Zeus has developed a sarcastic side over the years, finding humor in taunting others with sarcastic remarks and little verbal jabs. Zeus is not father of man, and as far as he's concerned they could all die out; he'd probably be able to recreate them better the next time. The only reason he finds to protect a mortal is if he owes them a favor, which is close to never. Zeus has little patience for heroes and their arrogance, especially those who would compare themselves to the Gods. He doesn't like to be tricked or taunted; he doesn't take jokes.

~Character Information~

Immortal Parent's Name: Cronos and Rhea

Ability Summary: Zeus is the god of the sky, lightning, and thunder. As a god he has the ability to change his form on will, and not just to the form of a human. He has been told to be seen in the form of animals, and even once a rainbow. Zeus can summon lightning, clouds, anything within his domain. His symbol is the eagle, and he seems to have a sort of link with them, being able to call upon them to do as he commands.

~Other Information~

Classification: Olympian God

Current Location: Mount Olympus

~Skill Information~

Skill Specialty: 'Magic', you could call it?

Special Characteristics: Zeus' symbols are the lightning bolt, the eagle, the oak, and the bull.

~History/RP Sample~

History/Background Story:
Cronus sired several children by Rhea: Hestia, Demeter, Hera, Hades, and Poseidon, but swallowed them all as soon as they were born, since he had learned from Gaia and Uranus that he was destined to be overcome by his own son as he had overthrown his own father— an oracle that Zeus was to hear and avert. But when Zeus was about to be born, Rhea sought Gaia to devise a plan to save him, so that Cronus would get his retribution for his acts against Uranus and his own children. Rhea gave birth to Zeus in Crete, handing Cronus a rock wrapped in swaddling clothes, which he promptly swallowed.

Rhea hid Zeus in a cave on Mount Ida in Crete. According to varying versions of the story:

1. He was then raised by Gaia.
2. He was raised by a goat named Amalthea, while a company of Kouretes— soldiers, or smaller gods— danced, shouted and clashed their spears against their shields so that Cronus would not hear the baby's cry. (See cornucopia.)
3. He was raised by a nymph named Adamanthea. Since Cronus ruled over the Earth, the heavens and the sea, she hid him by dangling him on a rope from a tree so he was suspended between earth, sea and sky and thus, invisible to his father.
4. He was raised by a nymph named Cynosura. In gratitude, Zeus placed her among the stars.
5. He was raised by Melissa, who nursed him with goat's-milk and honey.
6. He was raised by a shepherd family under the promise that their sheep would be saved from wolves.

Zeus becomes king of the gods

After reaching manhood, Zeus forced Cronus to disgorge first the stone (which was set down at Pytho under the glens of Parnassus to be a sign to mortal men, the Omphalos) then his siblings in reverse order of swallowing. In some versions, Metis gave Cronus an emetic to force him to disgorge the babies, or Zeus cut Cronus' stomach open. Then Zeus released the brothers of Cronus, the Gigantes, the Hecatonchires and the Cyclopes, from their dungeon in Tartarus, killing their guard, Campe.

As a token of their appreciation, the Cyclopes gave him thunder and the thunderbolt, or lightning, which had previously been hidden by Gaia. Together, Zeus and his brothers and sisters, along with the Gigantes, Hecatonchires and Cyclopes overthrew Cronus and the other Titans, in the combat called the Titanomachy. The defeated Titans were then cast into a shadowy underworld region known as Tartarus. Atlas, one of the titans that fought against Zeus, was punished by having to hold up the sky.
Zeus, at the Getty Villa, A.D. 1 - 100 by unknown

After the battle with the Titans, Zeus shared the world with his elder brothers, Poseidon and Hades, by drawing lots: Zeus got the sky and air, Poseidon the waters, and Hades the world of the dead (the underworld). The ancient Earth, Gaia, could not be claimed; she was left to all three, each according to their capabilities, which explains why Poseidon was the "earth-shaker" (the god of earthquakes) and Hades claimed the humans that died.

Gaia resented the way Zeus had treated the Titans, because they were her children. Soon after taking the throne as king of the gods, Zeus had to fight some of Gaia's other children, the monsters Typhon and Echidna. He vanquished Typhon and trapped him under a mountain, but left Echidna and her children alive.

Zeus and Hera

Zeus was brother and consort of Hera. By Hera, Zeus sired Ares, Hebe and Hephaestus, though some accounts say that Hera produced these offspring alone. Some also include Eileithyia and Eris as their daughters. The conquests of Zeus among nymphs and the mythic mortal progenitors of Hellenic dynasties are famous. Olympian mythography even credits him with unions with Leto, Demeter, Dione and Maia. Among mortals were Semele, Io, Europa and Leda.

Many myths render Hera as jealous of his amorous conquests and a consistent enemy of Zeus' mistresses and their children by him. For a time, a nymph named Echo had the job of distracting Hera from his affairs by incessantly talking: when Hera discovered the deception, she cursed Echo to repeat the words of others.

Roleplay Sample:

Kugo sighed as a man charged at him at full speed. The man was named Haruko, and was a high-level shinigami of the Ragnarock’s 11th division. He raised his blade to Kugo’s rib cage, slashing out at a speed that would amaze and stun most. Kugo simply jumped backward, moving with agility that most wouldn’t expect from someone who focused everything he had into Kidou. However, Kugo had also spent many years training in Shunpo and hand-to-hand combat; he was just not very good with a sword. Haruko continued to slash as Kugo dodged, never coming closer than a half an inch from Kugo. Haruko’s final attack was a clever one. He released his shikai to distract Kugo, casting up a screen of dust because of the force of his reiatsu. As Kugo covered his face, he noticed a movement in the screen. Suddenly, a crescent blade shot forward and toward Kugo’s rib cage. It caught his Haori, and cut it but didn’t reach his skin; Kugo had shunpo’d away too quickly. When the screen cleared Kugo saw Haruko’s shikai for the first time.
The shikai was very similar to a farmer’s scythe, and it looked like it was only good for cutting crops. Kugo contemplated this as Haruko charged once again, the blade coming down on Kugo in a blur of brown and black. Cursing under his breath, he drew Seisen and brought it up to meet the blade. Suddenly, Seisen morphed. In a flash of brilliant purple light it turned into an elegant staff. The staff was made of pure black steel, with a head that looked to be made of amethyst. It was beautifully carved, and gilt in silver. Pushing on the heavy scythe, he sent Haruko back a few meters as he took up a defensive stance. He raised the staff to chest level, keeping it parallel to the ground and firmly grasped in his right hand. He raised his left hand and began to condense reiatsu around it. "Ye lord! Mask of blood and flesh, all creation, flutter of wings, ye who bears the name of Man! On the wall of blue flame, inscribe a twin lotus. In the abyss of conflagration, wait at the far heavens." He commanded, as the reiatsu formed into two blue-white orbs. Hado number seventy-three, Sōren Sōkatsui. Twin Lotus Blue Fire, Crash Down!” They shot forward, arching around as they came in to crash on either side of Haruko. As they met they exploded, covering the area in blue-white flames and smoke. When the smoke finally cleared, Haruko was nowhere to be seen. He reappeared to Kugo’s left, only landing for a second before shunpo’ing to his right.
Haruko disappeared once again, reappearing exactly where Kugo had expected: Right above him. The scythe blade came down as Haruko fell straight toward Kugo. Raising his left hand to the sky he didn’t even bother with an incantation. White lightning formed around his finger tips and fired into the air, singing the man’s shoulder and cutting into the bone. ”Hado number four, Byakurai. White Lightning!” He howled in pain, spiraling in the air to land on his feet once again. Dropping the scythe, he cursed under his breath and admitted defeat. There was no way he could continue with the spar without his good arm, no way could he carry his shikai with one hand, and no way could he win without shikai. Kugo bowed to him, sealing his shikai into the form of a blade once again. Placing the blade back in its sheath, he walked over to examine the wound. With little effort he healed it back up, leaving a massive scar as a reminder of the battle. ”Next time, think before you act. You 11th divisions really need to keep a straight head in battle. It isn’t always about going full force.” He said, feeling like he was preaching. As if Haruko knew exactly what Kugo was thinking, he responded in an aggravated tone.

”Alright, alright. Keep your lectures to yourself, old man. I could have beaten you if I wasn’t afraid of killing you.” He said confidently, grabbing his blade with white-knuckle force. He placed the blade back in his black obi sash and stood back up. Cursing under his breath, he turned to leave.
”You’re leaving so soon? So you really don’t want my training?” Kugo asked with mock disappointment. The truth was training 11th division shinigami was a pain for anyone outside of the 11th division. They were so hot headed at times. He smiled at Haruko as he turned slowly, a look of confusion on his face. ”The deal was that if I won you’d train me.” He said to Kugo, obviously not happy about the fact that he had lost. He was even more pissed when he saw Kugo smiling. Turning around, he snapped back his fist in preparation to punch Kugo in the jaw. Suddenly, Kugo was two inches away from him. His slim, bony fingers wrapped around both Haruko’s wrist and his neck. The strength that Kugo possessed was easy to measure when he was that close, and Haruko felt the air draining from his body.
As Haruko gasped for air, Kugo began to talk. ”Listen, Haruko. You don’t like the way I do things you can leave. But never raise a fist to me unless we are training, you got that? Now, it is my obligation to train anyone who wants my training. You were the idiot that made the bet, and I’m a betting man. So, do you want the training or not?” He asked in a slightly malicious tone. Suddenly realizing that Haruko couldn’t speak without oxygen, he loosened his grip on Haruko’s throat and let him drop limply to the ground. Haruko gasped for air, taking in as much as he could for several seconds before wheezing a response. ”Of course I want the damned training. I need my bankai, and I need it fast.”
”Good, we begin next week at dawn. Until then, learn how to think.” Kugo replied, before turning around and walking away from the training arena. When he reached the trees he shunpo’d away, leaving Haruko to think and breathe.


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Re: Zeus the Almighty

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